Our vision is to see every man
Reflect Honestly, Pursue God Wholeheartedly, and Live Vibrantly.

The Man in the Mirror ministry in Asia

The Man in the Mirror (MIM) ministry in Asia serves a clear and compelling purpose within the realm of Christian discipleship and ministry. Its primary objective is to equip and empower men to become faithful followers of Christ who actively engage in personal transformation and contribute to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

MIM recognizes the unique challenges and responsibilities that men face in their faith journey and seeks to address them through learning, sharing and discussing in small group meetings. In MIM small groups, a special developed workbook called ‘My Journey’ is used as the curriculum for discussion where men are encouraged to deep self-reflection and introspection. This process helps men confront their weaknesses, challenges, and areas in need of growth.

The ministry not only focuses on individual growth but also emphasizes the importance of men actively participating in the disciple-making process and encourages men to engage in authentic and transparent connections with fellow believers. These relationships provide support, accountability, and a sense of community that are essential for personal development and discipleship.

The ministry is established in 1989 by Patrick Morley, a distinguished author and Bible teacher based in Orlando, Florida, USA. Since then, the ministry had developed a collection of his works into materials and training frameworks. These resources assist churches and men in establishing a structured approach to personal growth and discipleship. The overarching vision of the ministry revolves around witnessing men engage in authentic self-reflection, wholehearted pursuit of God, and vibrant living.

MIM Asia is officially appointed by MIM USA/Global as the representative overseeing the ministry’s missions in Asia. Based in Malaysia, MIM Asia helps churches implement discipleship among men, trains leaders to create a pathway to discipleship, and builds men through relationships in small groups.

What was the ‘Transformed’ conference about?

MIM Asia organized the first MIM International Disciple-Making Conference titled “TRANSFORMED” in Kuala Lumpur on 28th and 29th July 2023. The purpose of this conference was to help pastors and Christian leaders understand, embrace transformation, and empower them to share it with others.

With the theme of transformation at its core, the conference features insights and models for transformation from MIM ministry founder and renowned Christian author Patrick Morley, President of MIM Global Brett Clemmer, and Director of MIM Asia Robert Lim.

In the conference, participants learned how to live a purposeful and surrendered life in Christ, understand the transformative power of discipleship, and discover how to create a pathway for life-changing experiences. In conjunction with the conference, MIM launched ‘My Journey’, a specially curated and edited new workbook for discussion in small groups.

What kind of support does MIM offer to churches?

MIM assists churches in creating a pathway to discipleship for their men. This includes providing discussion materials, training resources, and helping to facilitate men’s small group meetings, all designed to help men engage in meaningful relationships that change lives and build the Kingdom of God.